Middle School Ministry Campference | October 4-6, 2019
March 1, 2011


Who’s speaking?

The speakers truly aren’t the focus of the Campference – you are. But we will have some amazing presenters. Main session talks will be given by: Marko, Brooklyn Lindsey, Mike Branton, and others TBD. Seminars and guided conversations will be hosted by those fine people along with other top Middle School Ministry peeps like: Kurt Johnston, Katie Edwards, Kenny & Elle Campbell, Scott Rubin, Tom (Shef) Shefchunas, Charlie Conder, Justin Herman, and more.

What topics will be covered in the breakout sessions?

We’ll post the seminars about a month out from the event. Just know that they will cover a WIDE variety of Middle School Ministry topics!

When is it?

The ninth annual Middle School Ministry Campference will take place October 4-6, 2019.  We’ll start with dinner on Friday, and end with lunch on Sunday.

Where is it?

Same awesome place as last year! Camp Allendale in Trafalgar, Indiana. It’s a very short drive from the Indianapolis International Airport.

Who should attend?

This event is for anyone (and everyone!) who works with junior highers or middle schoolers in a church or parachurch setting.  Volunteers and paid staff, rookies and veterans.  This is your event, and we want your voice in the mix.

What will it be like?

Some elements of the Campference will be like a conference: seminars on a variety of subjects, main sessions with great speakers who will encourage you and challenge you to think in new ways.  But other aspects will take advantage of the uniqueness of our tribe and the vibe of a camp: dialogues and experiential learning, loads of fun, shared meals, and lots of killer free time options.

What’s unique about this event?

In addition to the camp part of our made-up word, Campference, there are a handful of other things you won’t find anywhere else:

    • All speakers are also full participants, and will stay for the whole weekend.  They’ll be at all the meals and fully engage as player/coaches.

    • We’ll stay together and eat together, providing the context for a shared experience very different from a normal conference.

    • The entire focus will be on ministry to young teens.  We won’t merely be the almost-forgotten stepchild of youth ministry at this event!

  • The quantity of freebies and giveaways and prizes at this event is almost stupid. Leave room in your luggage.

What does it cost?

We’ve tried to price the Middle School Ministry Campference so that it’s significantly cheaper than other events (when you add in food and lodging). Thanks to our event partners, we’re able to offer 5 different registration levels, all of which include accommodations and all meals:

$325 – Early Bird Single Registration (register by August 15, 2019)

$299 – Early Bird Group Rate, per person (groups of 3 or more, register by August 15, 2019)

$375 – Regular Registration (register by September 26th, 2019)

$329 – Regular Registration Group Rate, per person (groups of 3 or more, register by September 26th, 2019)

$399 – Late Registration

Register here

What are the accommodations?

Accommodations are in the comfortable and clean cabins at Camp Allendale. Restrooms are inside the cabins (no wandering in the dark for your 3am tinkle-time). Bedding is not provided; so you’ll need to bring a sleeping bag or sheet/blankie and pillow, plus your own bath towel.

If you come with a group, you’ll be housed together with those of your gender, and others from your group (of the other gender) will be as close as possible.


If you live in the Midwest, just drive.  If you’re flying in, you probably want to fly into Indianapolis. (the camp is 50 minutes from the Indianapolis airport). It’s also about 90 minutes from the Louisville airport. We’ll try to coordinate some transportation from the Indy airport at some point, for the cost of sharing a car.  More info on that later.

Cancellation Policy

Do you have a refund policy for your events?

Yes. Our policy is to grant event refunds on a case-by-case basis.

  1. We will work with you. Refunds are granted on a case-by-case basis. Such as, if you buy 2 tickets to the Campference and are not able to attend… if it’s 3 weeks out and you let us know we are very likely to refund your money. But if you don’t show up and don’t let us know why we are less likely to extend that refund.
  2. We’re in ministry, we get it. We have spent our lifetime working with people in ministry. We know stuff comes up. So if you suddenly have to bail on an event because of an emergency at home, we’re pretty likely to offer a refund. (A death in the family, something at church blew up, etc.) But if you just didn’t feel like coming at the last minute or you forgot to plan, we’re less likely to offer the refund.
  3. Whenever possible we will be generous. Please understand we are a small business. We produce our events on a shoestring budget and every dollar really matters. For instance, if it is so close to the event that we’ve already spent money because we were planning on you being there we will likely offer you a partial refund. But, if it’s still several weeks away and we’ve not committed to spending money on your behalf, we are highly likely to offer a full refund.


  • Event deposits are non-refundable. If you’d like, we can apply your funds to another attendee.
  • No call, no shows are non-refundable. So if you registered for an event but forgot to come, that’s not our fault.


Hey, we’re easy to reach!  Just email Marko ([email protected]) directly!