March 4, 2011


We’re Instigating a Revolution in Youth Ministry. We serve individual youth workers with coaching, events, resources and other stuff. And we serve organizations (church, ministries and businesses) with consulting, innovative resource development, and marketing services. check out our website here for more info.

The Middle School Ministry Campference is our baby, the first event created by The Youth Cartel.

We partnered with some of our favorite junior high ministry resourcing organizations for all aspects of this awesome event.



Group’s Simply Youth Ministry is much more than a publisher of resources for Christian churches. What we really offer are experiences that grow your students’ relationship with Jesus. Whether it’s a Bible lesson, sermon series, service experiences for youth groups, book, or training conference, everything Group does revolves around getting closer to Jesus.

Our team is made up of world-renowned ministry experts who spend their everyday lives in the trenches of real church ministry. We love this stuff, and we want nothing more than to help you be successful in your ministry.

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The Mission of Southeast Christian Church is Connecting People to Jesus and One Another

As a ministry of SECC that also has the privilege to serve many other churches and Christian organizations in our community, we believe that our mission is one and the same.

Our Commitment to you… To offer an environment that promotes spiritual renewal, personal refreshment and inspiring relationships.

Visit the Country Lake Christian Retreat website





Believe is a high-energy weekend event for junior high students only. It is structured specifically for junior high students and is packed with powerful worship, intense drama and teaching from God’s Word.

CIY Believe website 



1.8 billion people lack access to safe water. 5.4 billion people don’t know Jesus Christ. Over the past 15 years, Water Mission has been confronting these crises by implementing best-in-class safe water solutions in developing countries and disaster areas while sharing the good news of Jesus.

Your youth can learn about disaster response efforts and partner with Water Mission to impact lives around the world by participating in Project Disaster – a disaster simulation experience for students designed to be fun, competitive and thought-provoking.

With challenging videos, exciting survival activities, and a 5-day follow-up devotional, Project Disaster will be a life-changing experience for your students. Register for your free resources here.