Middle School Ministry Campference | October 4-6, 2019
March 4, 2011


We’re Instigating a Revolution in Youth Ministry. We serve individual youth workers with coaching, events, resources and other stuff. And we serve organizations (church, ministries and businesses) with consulting, innovative resource development, and marketing services. check out our website here for more info.

The Middle School Ministry Campference is our baby, the first event created by The Youth Cartel.

We partnered with some of our favorite junior high ministry resourcing organizations for all aspects of this awesome event.


Christ In Youth has been providing events, missions trips and resources that amplify Christ’s call on students’ lives in partnership with the local church for 50 years. More than 80,000 students and leaders attend at least one of CIY’s 100 events held throughout 20 countries each year. CIY partners with the local church to help call students to a maturing knowledge of Christ in preparation for Kingdom work. CIY has two different events that are specifically targeted toward middle school and Jr. high students.

Believe is a high-energy weekend event designed specifically for Jr. high students. It’s packed with powerful worship and teaching from God’s Word. The 2017/2018 Believe tour will visit 12 cities across the U.S. For more information, visit ciy.com/believe.

MIX is a four-day summer event designed specifically for sixth, seventh and eighth grade students. Students who attend will come to understand their own spiritual formation and grow as Kingdom workers through dynamic worship, engaging activities, recreation and small group interaction. For more information, visit ciy.com/mix.

Developmentally relevant for MIDDLE SCHOOLERS

Although God’s story remains the same, every age group understands and responds to the Good News in their own way.

If you hope to translate the essence of Scripture to the heart of a middle schooler, you need to understand how they are wired. A 6th grader has different spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental needs than a ninth grader. Biblical truth needs to be presented in a way that is personally relevant if you want it to stick. That’s why Orange has partnered with the Phase Project to conduct hundreds of hours of research, interviews, surveys, and conversations with leaders who invest in the lives of kids and teenagers. Our writers, editors, video producers and creative directors continually seek new, innovative ways present Biblical truth in a way that’s theologically sound and developmentally appropriate. 

Check out the Middle School Curriculum from Orange Students at www.xp3MScurriculum.com 

Camp Allendale exists to provide opportunities for Christian growth in a natural setting. It is Camp Allendale’s desire to be used of God to fulfill His purpose in the lives of men, women and especially youth and children.

In order to fulfill our mission, we provide summer camps for children and offer a quality retreat facilities for churches, non-profits organizations and other ministries. Our role is to assist them to accomplish their goals of fellowship, discipleship, renewal, education, leadership development, and strategic planning.

People choose Allendale for Retreats because…

  • Great Location — our Christian Retreat Center is only 25 miles south of Indianapolis
  • Beautiful Setting — wooded, secluded area with several hiking trails and two lakes
  • Many Free Amenities & Activities — amenities include marker boards, sound systems, TV/DVD, video projectors, etc. Activities include Ping pong, carpetball, watercraft, volleyball, soccer, disc golf, human foosball, playgrounds, climbing shelter, nine square in the air, etc.
  • Activities for a Fee — Hayrides, Climbing Tower, Giant Swing, 8-person Zip Line, Low Ropes Course, Bazooka Ball, and Paintball
  • Great Meals — buffet style-with salad bar, nice variety, plenty of food

Visit the Camp Allendale website or call 317-878- 4400

About World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine

Students Loving God and Fighting Hunger

Your students will grow closer to Christ and each other as they fast together for 30 hours and raise funds to fight hunger. Awesome (and fun!) Trek challenges, compelling videos, inspirational discussion ideas, and the thought-provoking Poverty Simulation all add up to an unforgettable no-eat overnighter. The Famine is totally customizable for groups of all different styles and sizes, so you can choose the format that works best for you. Sign up now and change the way your students see the world!

Connecting the Local Church on a Global Level

Praying Pelican Missions is a short-term international missions organization serving the needs of indigenous local churches, pastors, and communities around the world. We set up and lead mission trips for churches, small groups, families, and individuals from North America, continually expanding and strengthening a network of pastors and communities both abroad and in the United States. Each year as lives are touched and hearts are transformed, there is an increasing number of pastors, churches, and communities inviting mission teams to serve alongside them through Praying Pelican Missions. We are continually amazed to witness and be part of God’s movement in the world, from Chicago to Costa Rica to South Africa and everywhere in between.

Through Praying Pelican Missions, more than 40,000 short-term missionaries have served in over 1,000 different communities throughout our locations. Teams join us from all over the United States and Canada, making us the largest provider of short-term mission opportunities.

What is Controlled Chaos Podcast?

A podcast about Junior High Ministry for youth workers.

We love Junior High Students, we love junior high parents and we love youth workers. This is about helping you win in all things students!

At the Campference, Controlled Chaos Podcast will be doing a LIVE recording for one of the night activities.  Come by, ask question, have fun!

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