Middle School Ministry Campference | October 4-6, 2019
May 5, 2014


The Youth Cartel’s Campference is all about celebrating the joy of working with middle schoolers. Great place to be encouraged, to get a variety of new ideas, and hang with the veterans. All the more valuable when you come with a team of peeps from your church.

This was my 2nd Campference and I can say with absolute confidence that it has been one of the most helpful and encouraging youth ministry weekends I’ve ever attended.

Yeah there are great workshops. Sure there are great speakers who are challenging, but the real magic of the weekend happens between the sessions at meal times, while riding a tram between your destinations, or while waiting to zipline. It’s a great experience and anyone involved in middle school ministry needs to make it a priority to be a part of it.

It’s rare to find a place where you can find both refreshment for your soul AND a plethora of creative ideas that you can immediately implement in your middle school ministry. The MSMC provides exactly that. I’ve been to all three years, and I can’t imagine missing one. See you next year!

If your focus is middle school ministry, you MUST attend the Campference! You don’t realize how much you need it until you’re there- the ideas, encouragement, common purpose, and FUN atmosphere are so refreshing and motivating.

As a second year volunteer, very new to middle school ministry, the Campference provided honest, genuine guidance in how to minister to these kids while keeping a relationship with Christ the focus. Plus, winning free things every day is always fun!

Effortless and TOTALLY comfortable opportunities (even for introverts!) all freakin weekend to connect with other youth workers who all do exactly what I do.

If you work with middle schoolers then this is the best training event of the year. No where else do you get to rub shoulders with the brightest minds of our tribe. Each year I come away refreshed, encouraged and challenged to live out my calling as a middle school pastor.

Not only is this event affordable for those on a lean budget, but it’s a STEAL of a deal. Incredible insights into not just ministry, but life IN ministry.

Middle School Ministry Campference isn’t about all the hype and pizzazz of other conferences. It’s about being together with the strange creatures that Middle School Pastors are. It’s not about showing you creative things, it’s about inspiring creativity in all of us. The connections that you make here are 1000x better and more useful than the handful of notes you’ll take anywhere else and never look at again. If I had the choice between Campference and any other conference, I’d choose this every time.

This was the first youth ministry training event that was entirely focused on equipping me for my church context. I felt like I was in the driver seat finding answers to the serious questions.

It’s unlike any other youth ministry conference. Not only do you get great content, but the laid back camp atmosphere creates a great environment for building relationships with other middle school youth workers.

The MSMC is like getting one-on-one training focused on Middle School Ministry all day long. From the speakers on stage to the person sitting next to you, every person brings it at the MSMC. Every time you start a conversation you know it could be the best one of the weekend.